Celebrate! PET MN-TC produces 100th PET!

Rachel McDonald, a young woman doing some doctoral work and a dissertation involving grant writing with a PET focus, created this celebration video with help of friends and family.



Mobility before PET?

Mobility before PET

Mobility with PET!

Mobility with a PET

What is a PET?

The PET gets its name from Personal Energy Transportation. The PET is a 3-wheeled, hand-cranked, sturdily built wheel chair with hauling capacity; it will go where an ordinary wheel chair will not go, and it’s designed for the Third World where the roads and trails are bad and rough and the people need to haul things.

What is PET MN – Twin Cities?

A small number of people in the Twin Cities area have been introduced to the PET Project over the years.  They recently completed all the training and organizational requirements to become an affiliate of PET International–a non-profit organization to produce the complete PET vehicle.   We will have a new workshop to manufacture these PET carts.  We need the support of all of Minnesota.  It is an ecumenical effort.   We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, so contributions may be tax deductible.

 Our goals are:

  1. To provide mobility to those outside of the U.S. who are most in need of it.
  2. To provide meaningful activity for volunteers (and especially retirees), who wish to meet this need.

We have a truly unique opportunity to make a difference directly in the lives of the least and lowest of the poor.  We need your encouragement, your time, your funds—it is a cooperative effort to reach out all over the world.  Each PET will involve the investment of about $250 to cover its construction costs and shipping it to one of the coasts for final distribution.